Guide to Landscape Water Efficiency

GardenGuide2015 Water Use Efficiency
Western is very pleased to provide a handy and informative resource - The Guide to Landscape Water Conservation in Western Riverside County. Within the booklet's 20 pages, you’ll discover tips on water-efficient landscaping and details about many of the plants you’ll find in the garden. 

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Creating Your Own Water Wise Landscape

By following the basic principles of water-wise landscaping, you will arrive at beautiful landscape solutions that work in the Southern California climate:

  • Group plants with similar water needs. Maximize the use of low-water-use plants, especially in sunny, dry and windy areas. Thirstier plants should be used sparingly and planted close to the house in either shady areas or containers.
  • Improve the texture of the soil, if needed, by adding amendments. Amendments can either increase water retention or improve drainage, depending on the soil composition.
  • Install the proper irrigation, and do not over water! Conventional sprinklers are best for turf, while low-volume irrigation, such as drip, is best for trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • Limit non-functional turf.
  • Plant trees to lower air and soil temperatures. This reduces plant and soil moisture loss.
  • Use a thick layer of mulch around your plants to help the soil retain moisture. Mulch also inhibits weeds.
  • Use low, spreading shrubs and trees to cover large slopes rather than shallow-rooted ground-covers. Minimize water runoff with drip irrigation.
Water-Wise Plants